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Galvanized Iron Wire
Annealed Iron Wire, Iron Wire
Cut Wire, U Type Wire
Small Spool Wire
Stainless Steel Wire
Machine Series
Automatic Binding Machine
Wire Mesh Series
stainless steel security window screen
Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
Black Wire Cloth
Welded Wire Mesh
Razor Wire Mesh
Crimped Wire Mesh
Expanded Metal Mesh
Hexagonal Wire Netting
Perforated Metal Screen Sheet
Welded Fence Panel
Machine Series
Welded Mesh Panel Welding Machine
Chain Link Fence Machine
Expanded Metal Mesh Machine
Barbed Wire Machine
Fiberglass Iinsect Screening Weaving Machine
Galvanized Iron Wire
Technical Information Processing with low carbon steel wire, through drawing and electric galvanizing ...
Annealed Iron Wire
Oxygen Free Annealed Wire is made from choice black iron wire for making of woven wire mesh and oxygen free products, arts & crafts, etc.
Iron Wire
We consume quantity steel wire rod every year to produce quality black iron wire...
Cut Wire
Note:Detail specifications can be produced according to client's request.
U Type Iron Wire
Wire diameter ranges from 0.5mm to 1.5mm. Wire length can be 25cm to 55cm.
Rebar Tie Wire
Wire Diamter: 0.5mm to 1.5mm.
Steel Wire
ChunTian Metal Wire Mesh Factory produces various wire products. Diameters, specifications and physical properties meet machinery...
Small Spool Wire
We are produces galvanizd iron wire in the form of coil wire, spool wire, cut wire or U type wire. We supply galvanized iron wire...
Brass Wire
Quality brass wire for any machining operation
- High and constant straightness
- High precision...
Aluminum Iron Wire
Product Name: Aluminum Alloy Wire Model Number: 0.15MM-0.28MM.
We can meet your requirements for aluminum wire in various diameters.
Stainless Steel Wire
Stainless steel wire uses in redrawing, mesh weaving, soft pipe, isolation layer in kitchen, steel rope, filter material, making of spring, etc.
Flat Wire
Commitment to service has enabled ChunTian to become a leading supplier of round,half round,flat, square, and special-shaped wire to companies throughout the world....
Small Coil Wire
Automatic Binding Machine
ChunTian is specially engaged in production of automatic binding machine and wire ties.This machine is completely automatic.
Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
Anping County ChunTian Metal Wire Mesh Factory produces Stainless Steel Wire Mesh from first class stainless steel wire ...
Brass Wire Mesh
Wire Material: Brass wire is an alloy of Copper and Zinc, which offers much better abrasion resistance...
Black Wire Cloth
Also called mild steel woven wire cloth.
Weaving: Plain or twill woven wire cloth. Can be processed into filter discs of various sizes.
Crimped Wire Mesh
Crimped Wire Mesh is made by corbon iron wire, galvanized steel wire or stainless steel wire.
Weaving atterns:Weaving after
Expanded Metal Mesh
Uses of Expanded Metal Mesh: Fencing for road, railway, civil building, water conservancy's construction; protecting of all kinds of ...
Wire Materials: Stainless steel wire, copper wire, galvanized iron wire, polyamide fiber or F46 wire...
Hexagonal Wire Netting
Hexagonal Wire Netting is also known as Chicken Netting, or Hexagonal Wire. Anping County ChunTian Metal Wire Mesh Factory produces...
Anping County ChunTian Metal Wire Mesh Factory has advanced digital control machines to produce quality....
Windows Screening
Our factory offers Window Screening in different materials, widely used in hotels and buildings to prevent insects and bugs from entering.
Material: low carbon steel wire, Al-Mg alloy wire
Process: weaving and welding...
Welded Wire Mesh
This factory produces welded mesh in infinite range, also heavy welded mesh with extra wire gauge or extra width.
Colors available with Plastic Flat Netting: Black, white, green, blue, etc.
Wire Mesh Strainers
Anping County ChunTian Metal Wire Mesh Factory produces various wire mesh strainers
Wire Mesh Baskets
All kinds Of Wire Mesh Baskets
Wire Mesh Test Sieves
Anping County ChunTian Metal Wire Mesh Factory produces and exports various test sieves with stainless steel wire cloth or brass wire cloth as sifting materials.
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